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The scariest thing about Parenthood is that knowledge that you have to put your little soul into a tub filled with water. Then you need to put a slippery substance (better known as soap) all over him and try not drop his head into the water all at the same time. Not just once or twice, but every single day.

Rayden, 18 August 2019

Ways I have tried to bath my sons:

  • My mother’s way: First you have to wash the babies hair while he is fully clothed.. Then you take off his clothes and start slathering the child with soap. Then when he is all slathered up and slippery, you put them in the water and rinse. (I tried it once and never again- a slippery, wiggly baby is NOT fun)
  • The normal way: Put the baby in the bath and then put soap on the baby and wash. Lol. Simple. But still slippery.
  • The soapy way: Put the soap in the water first and then put the baby in and wash him. Only works of he doesn’t splash the burning chemicals into his face or if he doesn’t drink the bath water (so never)
  • The cloth bath: It’s all in the title, you use a cloth and wash the baby out of the bath. This one doesn’t work as well as you’d imagine, because the baby gets cold and screams 90% of the time and you can’t seem to ever get all the soap off.
  • Do you have any other ways to bath a baby?

I’m very lucky that my husband wasn’t quite as anxious about it as I was, and he helped me out the first couple of nights. Then just when you think that you have the hang of it, SPLASH 💦. The baby starts to actively try and kill himself by splashing water into his own face and diving head first into the water.

Rayden, 4 Augest 2019

It’s been getting much better now with bathtime and my eldest can bath independently. He throws all his toys into the bath and plays there for occasionally two hours, while simultaneously washing himself and washing his own hair. I have to drag him out of the cold water some nights, kicking and screaming, but at least I know he’s having fun.

Skyler, 13 July 2017
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What’s your biggest child-raising stumbling block?

Mine is the constant clash with my husband’s parenting style. He says yes when I say no. He encourages running, wrestling and screaming, I encourage constructive fun.

Like making marble slides out of mud

I talk to Skyler once, and if that doesn’t work I take him to the room for a private talk, then sometimes timeout. My husband, on the opposite spectrum of the scale, talks two-hundred-and-seventy times and then shouts the two-hundred-and-seventy-first time, and it works 1 out of the 10 times he has tried it.

And there are so many other occasions and differences, I can’t even to begin to describe them.

“It takes at least two children to know that you are neither the worst nor the best parent.” – Jenn O’Rourke Palko, Facebook

What’s your biggest child-raising stumbling block? I would love to hear that I’m not alone.